Monday, September 15, 2008

Product Review: Haley's Corker

Wine has always been my alcohol of choice. Even as a teenager when all my friends were drinking cheap beer I preferred cheap wine. As I got older my tastes naturally changed and I grew from drinking cheap wine to drinking INEXPENSIVE wine. Yeah, there's a lot to read into there, but there's a world of difference, trust me!

In my house we drink wine with every meal except breakfast and over the years many wine-related products have found their way into my kitchen drawer (many of those have found their way back out again). Stemless glasses, a host of uncorking devices, tasting logs and all the gift giving flotsam and jetsam that well-meaning friends will impart upon you at gift giving time. Some are good, most... well, less so.

One of the better of them is the Haley's Corker a simple and ingenious wine capper. I came across the Haley's Corker while at a wine tasting at Sakonnet Vineyards in Little Compton, RI. (Be sure to check out Sakonnet if you're ever in the Southern New England area). I'd been to more than my share of tastings there and this last time I noticed a pourer on the bottle. A short inquiry and a glowing review led me to purchase a few of these and bring them home and try them out.

It's been several months now and I can offer that they are a permanent addition in my kitchen drawer. Not only are they a convenient and easy way to recap an open bottle of wine, they also help aerate the wine and also filter out any bits of cork that may be in there. Of course there are more product benefits and if you're really interested the manufacturer lists them quite nicely on their website.

I give this little gem 3.5 out of 4 stars. It is neat, clean, easy-to-use and delivers as promised. Maybe a tiny bit pricey and that cost them 1/2 a star, but their great stuff.

If you need to recap wine, or you need to pour neatly while enhancing the wine and filtering out cork, Haley's Corker is for you. Restaurants and hotels, pay attention, this product is perfect for you as well.

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