Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shameless exploitation in pursuit of the Common Good

"Shameless exploitation in pursuit of the Common Good" is the motto of The Newman's Own Organization and I like it, a lot. Newman's Own is a for-profit corporation founded in 1982 by actor Paul Newman and author A. E. Hotchner. All profits after taxes (read: ALL PROFITS) are donated to charitable organizations and since 1982 those profits have been in excess of two hundred and eighty million dollars. It is a hopeful and refreshing contrast to other corporations that operate in a world of shameless greed and wretched excess.

I like Newman's Own a lot.

Newman and Hotchner began their endeavor with a salad dressing that was very popular with their family and friends. The popularity of the salad dressing lead them to introduce it commercially. Its success in the marketplace and the money it generated spearheaded a brand that has continued to grow and includes a variety of popular and profitable products that include: pasta sauces, iced tea, lemonade, limeade, fruit cocktail juices, popcorn, pretzels, salsa, cookies, coffee, grape juice and more.

Recently, Newman's Own sent me a variety of products to try, review and create new recipes with*. I was happy to oblige because I am familiar with their products as I have purchased them many times. They are all good products and of the varieties I buy I've always been satisfied and often surprised. It's good stuff and I like it a lot.

Also, all of Newman's Own products have a particular flavor that I rarely find in other brands. It is a profound nuance. Something that transcends the high quality of its ingredients, something special. It's the heart warming flavor of knowing that by purchasing Newman's Own products I am helping people in this world. I am effecting positive change and getting help where it is needed and WE ALL NEED TO DO THAT.


Thank you for that Newman's Own, it is certainly a huge selling point!

"Shameless exploitation in pursuit of the Common Good" Yeah, try that on for size mega-corporations, mega-banking interests and others. Do it for a couple of years. Do it for the good it does and not for your own selfish tax benefits. Nike? McDonald's? Coca-Cola? Walmart? Where are you all?

Yeah, Newman's Own - I like it a lot! I love it.

Chop Onions and Boil Water endorses Newman's Own products not only for their superiority, but for the good the company does.

*I get many products to try and review, you'll only see ones that I sincerely and truly use and enjoy in Chop Onions, Boil Water!


  1. I'm a huge fan of Newman's dressing. We don't get any other Newman's Own products in New Zealand, but I did try some juice in the states. I often make this stuff sound mythically good when pitching it to friends. Long story short, is it worth paying a couple dollars extra over the cheap stuff (or the same price as the cheap stuff that wants to be good) and getting even better dressing? Plus all the profits going to charities in Australia and New Zealand? Probably the only time I'll seriously say "How can you afford not to buy it?"

  2. Exactly Jason. I couldn't agree more.