Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Product Review: Escali Primo Electronic Scale


Out of the box, the Escali Primo is small. At 1.25" high, with a small 8" x 6" footprint, the sleek and compact Primo isn't going to hog a lot of space in your kitchen. Offered in 11 different colors it's probably going to match any kitchen is rests in. Now let's take a look at the other features:


• Capacity: 11 lbs./5 kg.
• Resolution: .1 oz./1 g.
• Reading: ounces, grams and pounds
• Auto-off feature extends battery life
• Uses 2 AA batteries-INCLUDED!
• Tare function allows you to put an empty container on the scale, then zero so you can obtain the weight of its contents placed in it.


Operation couldn't be easier. The unit has a two button control panel. One button turns the unit on/off, and adjusts for tare, the second button is used to switch between ounces and grams.

Let's say you want to weigh up some flour. Turn the scale on, then using the ounce/gram button switch to your desired reading. Place an empty container on the scale surface. Then hit the "tare" button and zero the scale. Now as you scoop and add flour to the bowl, you're getting an accurate reading of the flour only.


I basically tested the unit in a manner fitting its intended use. I don't get these things for free, so I'm not dropping it from six feet or immersing it in hot pea soup. Instead I tested it practical use in my kitchen.

My first test was to take something with a known weight and compare it to the scale's reading. I did this with three different known weights and each time the Primo read true.

My second test was to check the readings as they relate to the weight of a known object placed on various areas of the weighing surface. Here I used two different specimens. A heavy one of 1 lb. and a light one of 2 grams. The readings were accurate across the weighing surface of the scale. It helps to know that you don't have to center everything you intend to weigh. You can place it anywhere on the weighing surface.


I don't purchase stuff without doing some initial research. As I mentioned above, I'm spending my own money on this stuff, it's not free. So I had expectations regarding this product and they were firmly met and I was satisfied.

If I had one complaint about the Escali Primo it would be that the LED can be a teeny bit hard to read. It's no where near a deal killer though. I am satisfied with this product and because of that I recommend it for your home kitchen.

Sure, there are snazzier, more expensive scales with all kinds of bells and whistles out there. Escali even makes a few. On simple items, bells and whistles are often unneeded distractions that lack real functionality. Yes, this is made out of a lot of plastic but it doesn't hamper the accuracy and it is priced accordingly. I like quality, economy and simplicity. The Escali Primo delivers on all counts.

You can order it here if you like.
Product Review: Escali Primo Electronic Scale by Henry Krauzyk

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