Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Suppliers We Love: MexGrocer.com

I'm old enough to remember when the prospect of good home-prepared Mexican food was pretty dismal. Sure, if you lived in Southern California or the American Southwest you didn't have a problem. Not so in most other parts of the United States or Canada. The ingredients were scarce and homemade Mexican food was usually limited to ground beef taco "kits" and mediocre "chile con carne"! Those were the dark days of World Food at Home!

Thankfully, all that has changed. Today it is easy to prepare excellent Mexican food at home. Not only are there endless authentic resources to learn about preparing Mexican food, but our local markets are better supplied with key and specialty ingredients. When they're not, or if we are far from them, there are also great online suppliers like MexGrocer.

There are several reasons I like doing business with MexGrocer:

1.) They have everything I've ever needed but could not find in local markets. When I tried a new hot sauce in Mexico and could not find it in any local market or specialty shop, MexGrocer had it. It has been the same thing with other hard-to-find-products. I also frequently scan their online products just to get ideas for new ingredients and dishes to try.

2.) Their prices are good, and they frequently offer excellent discounts. It's also safe to sign up to their mailing list. You won't be inundated with weekly junk mail. Instead you'll get occasional e-mailings offering good discounts, useful information and great recipes.

3.) They are REAL people. They are not a "faceless corporate outfit" with an outsourced customer service department. I frequently get the impression that I am dealing with the owner or the owner's family when I contact them. I like that. I like that a lot.

4.) They offer more than just their products. I've gotten several good recipes from their site. Among them was a recent "Day of the Dead Bread" one that I made for my family (and they loved). I've also learned some great stuff from their various articles.

5.) They have supported Chop Onions, Boil Water in the past. Several years ago I mentioned that I would list them as a source for Mexican food products in my cookbook, they responded by offering my readers a 20% discount on purchases from MexGrocer.com.

You can find some links of the MexGrocer products I use in the Chop Onions, Boil Water Kitchen Outlet. Of course I recommend that you purchase them there. I also recommend you visit their site if you're looking for other products to prepare Mexican food, or you're just looking to learn more about preparing it authentically in your home. MexGrocer is a Supplier We Love!

Suppliers We Love: MexGrocer.com from Chop Onions, Boil Water by Henry Krauzyk http://www.choponionsboilwater.com

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