Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Websites We Love:

Recommending is easy because their tag line says it all: a "Complete Source of Authentic Thai Recipes, ingredients and cookware." Their not kidding either. They have an extensive selection of both fresh and prepared Thai ingredients as well as a large collection of Thai cookware and recipes. What really makes them stand out from similar online Thai grocers though is their recipe blog featuring many online videos.

A Thai food enthusiast is going to get lost in the many videos showing how to prepare recipes, other videos of street vendors doing their thing, and others depicting how ingredients are made and even some cultural offerings like a Thai wedding ceremony, etc. also limits their offerings to their e-mail list to real offers and news of new videos. You can join this list without the worry of being annoyed by your inbox being flooded with the nonsense we've come to expect from other online companies. Sign up without worry.

So let's look at the tally:

A.) An extensive selection of fresh and prepared Thai ingredients and authentic cookware.

B.) Lots of authentic recipes.

C.) Tons of interesting and educational online videos featuring Thai cooking and culture.

Yup! We love for good reasons! Check them out!

From Chop Onions, Boil Water by Henry Krauzyk

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  1. I like the COBW "we love it" seal of approval logo thinga-ma-jig